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Monthly Archives: January 2013

For people who don’t know me personally I’am of Filipino ancestry. Being Filipino builds a passion in me that I can not find any words to describe. I am proud of my in heritage and I love my ethnic background. I never used to be like this though. Growing up in Britain made me embarrassed of my Filipino culture because of how different it was to British culture. As a child I used to be extremely embarrassed of even the smallest things about Filipino’s, like our accents. When a true Filipino talks English they would mix up the sounds of certain letters. Like pronouncing an “F” like a “P”, making a word like fork into “pork”. I used to cringe at stuff like this. However now that I’m older and little more experienced I can not get enough of this culture. I love everything about the Philippines because it is a part of me. Even though I grew up in another country the Filipino pride followed me and I can not be any prouder to be full Filipino.

filipino flag

For those who have spent enough time around Filipino’s you would probably associate us with food. I personally haven’t been to a Filipino gathering where there wasn’t plates among plates of Filipino cuisine. Everyone is so nice and trying to get you to in gage in their hospitality. You always get asked to eat, even if it’s not their party. I think that’s why some Filipino’s get fat when they’re older because they just give up saying “No” all the time. A little tip to non Filipino’s, when going to a Filipino party wear loose clothing and go starving. Myself I love our cultures cuisine. I love what we can do with food. Chicken, beef, fish, pork (not fork) and rice it’s all good. One way to find out if someone is truly a Filipino is to go into their house and see whether or not they have a rice cooker. It is a unwritten law of Physics that all Filipino’s have a rice cooker. The reason why is because rice is a part of our daily routine, and yes I said daily. A true Filipino eats rice everyday. I don’t think I can do that because I’am a lover of food. I need diversity on a plate. But still I love what comes out of a Filipino kitchen, it will always have a special place in my stomach.

Another aspect of our culture is family. This is a very sacred part of our heritage. The only thing that would be more important than our family would be religion. Filipino families tend to be very big, this is because we believe the more children we have, the more blessed we are. Either that or we just like to reproduce. I was taught that family always came first. I’am very grateful that my parents taught me this. This gave me the characteristics to build friendships and cherish them. And because of this not only do I have a blessed family, I also have amazing friends. Another thing that runs deep in our culture is loyalty. We tend to help each other in our time of need as often as possible. This is something that still astounds me to this day. It’s how we are always able to help the people who are most important to us. We’re like one big family. I grew up with two younger sisters, and three younger cousins. I’m like the big brother to them all, and sometimes they tend to help me out whenever I don’t have answers to my own problems. We’re always there for each other no matter what.

All Filipino’s have a special place in their hearts for one type of music… Cheesy pop. I don’t care what anyone says it’s the truth, they just don’t want to admit it. It’s why we love karaoke so much too. During karaoke the cheesiest of pop songs and ballads get sung. I myself love this genre, even though my pride doesn’t want me to admit to it. But yes, I too like to bust a move to the sound of the Backstreet Boys. I just can’t help it, it’s like a reflex. Any Filipino that doesn’t want to admit to this, it’s O.K. I know the truth.


I love that I grew up here in Britain, but my heart will always be within the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines. Yes we have that many islands.


As we get older, it’s no secret, we try to maintain our youth through any means necessary. It’s in our nature to try and stay young because when you put it onto paper no one really wants to get old. I’ve just turned 22 and I’m already dreading getting another year older :S. Before I know it within a heartbeat I’ll be walking everywhere with a walking stick. Bad times.

Many people try different kinds of cosmetics and treatments to try and stay young. I use a different method… Disney :). Although it’s an unorthodox method and it really doesn’t make you look any different. It’s my way of holding on to that everlasting youth that we all crave. Whenever I feel down and depressed about anything general in life, I always find myself logging onto my computer and watching a Disney classic, and I’m not talking about a Disney Pixar film (even though Pixar films are pretty awesome). I’m talking about the classic Disney Picture movies in 2D animation. These movies are getting older and still haven’t lost their magic. As a child I watched all the Disney Picture films, even ones before my time. Each telling a different story of the underdog, hope and true love. They stretched my imagination and made me believe anything is possible, to dream a dream that will come true one day. These films will always have a special place in my life. It fills me with that overwhelming positivity which gets me through the rest of my day.

With every year that goes by it gets increasingly difficult to remember fond memories of another time. Watching a Disney classic leaves a permanent mark in my memories of a time where there were no responsibilities and I had nothing to fear or worry about. This is how I keep my youth in tact. A 90 min animated film which turns back the clock to easier times and takes away the IM from impossible. I don’t need treatments, remedies or cosmetics to make me feel young again. Through Disney I can relive my childhood whenever I want and maintain youthful. I once told someone “Watching Disney movies is like being a kid forever”. That saying hasn’t proved me wrong yet. In fact, emotionally, I feel like one of the Lost boys. Disney Magic.