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As we get older, it’s no secret, we try to maintain our youth through any means necessary. It’s in our nature to try and stay young because when you put it onto paper no one really wants to get old. I’ve just turned 22 and I’m already dreading getting another year older :S. Before I know it within a heartbeat I’ll be walking everywhere with a walking stick. Bad times.

Many people try different kinds of cosmetics and treatments to try and stay young. I use a different method… Disney :). Although it’s an unorthodox method and it really doesn’t make you look any different. It’s my way of holding on to that everlasting youth that we all crave. Whenever I feel down and depressed about anything general in life, I always find myself logging onto my computer and watching a Disney classic, and I’m not talking about a Disney Pixar film (even though Pixar films are pretty awesome). I’m talking about the classic Disney Picture movies in 2D animation. These movies are getting older and still haven’t lost their magic. As a child I watched all the Disney Picture films, even ones before my time. Each telling a different story of the underdog, hope and true love. They stretched my imagination and made me believe anything is possible, to dream a dream that will come true one day. These films will always have a special place in my life. It fills me with that overwhelming positivity which gets me through the rest of my day.

With every year that goes by it gets increasingly difficult to remember fond memories of another time. Watching a Disney classic leaves a permanent mark in my memories of a time where there were no responsibilities and I had nothing to fear or worry about. This is how I keep my youth in tact. A 90 min animated film which turns back the clock to easier times and takes away the IM from impossible. I don’t need treatments, remedies or cosmetics to make me feel young again. Through Disney I can relive my childhood whenever I want and maintain youthful. I once told someone “Watching Disney movies is like being a kid forever”. That saying hasn’t proved me wrong yet. In fact, emotionally, I feel like one of the Lost boys. Disney Magic.



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