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There are very few things that get me passionate and wanting more and more. As I said in past posts, I love cinema and I’am a huge fan of diverse music. I love all kinds of movies like action, fantasy, drama, comedy etc. Films that kept you hooked to the story from start to finish make me passionate about the cinema. I love a huge mash-up of different genres of music like pop, rock, rap, RnB, club anthems etc. I love music in general which makes me want to dance. This is another passion of mine. Doesn’t matter what kind of dance, I love watching people move to music. If music could move that’s what dancing would look like. I also have a passion for good story telling computer/console games. I get a good idea of how technology has advanced forward with the graphics installed into games as they get released.  Which brings me to what I want to talk about in this post.

Recently I purchased a game from the Total war franchise, Shogun 2 Total war. Before this I wasn’t too keen on history, however the military side of history has always fascinated me, but one I never pursued to learn more about. It was one subject from school which always kept me wanting to know more.

After leaving school I never re familiarised myself into learning more historical warfare. Buying and playing Shogun 2 made this fascination grow even more. The game was based in the 1400-1500’s of medieval Japan. The gaming aspect was awesome no doubt, but the historical side of it was spell binding to me. I wanted to learn more and more. I learnt all I could in my free time about this time frame which made me want to buy more games from the Total War franchise. Like Napoleon and Empire Total War. Even thought these were games based around history, playing them made me want to learn and gain valuable knowledge on military throughout history. It also sparked curiosity into other time periods which shaped our modern day today like the Roman empire, The road of the American independence and The warring states of China. These along with other time periods had some of the greatest military tacticians and commanders which altered warfare forever. People such as Alexander The Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Sun Tzu. I won’t waffle on too much about this because I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But I will say this, without the past today would be different. If The Roman Empire never existed we wouldn’t have roads. If the British Empire never expanded, America would be different. If the coalition never defeated Napoleon, Eastern Europe would be France.  Could you imagine that… History would be different.


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