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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Now come the meat and the potatoes. Third year… and without a doubt the funniest, best and memorable year I have spent in education. I can’t even begin to gather words to express the amount of fun I have had during this academic year. Before third year, even though I have learnt a lot about myself and experienced a lot of things, I still didn’t really feel like I was having as much fun as I thought I should. These emotions are expressed in the first two posts I wrote about university. So, I didn’t really have any expectations for things to improve in my last and final year of study. Man was I wrong. So many things happened this year so far, it’s hard to pin point my favourite part. I have met a few new characters on the last year of my course which has made going into uni better than ever. I have also met a cool bunch of people from Annabelle’s course (or “IMPS” as Annabelle would say). As well as a few freshers which made nights out, like the one shown below, memorable.


It’s hard to find a place to start so I’ll do the obvious thing and start at the beginning. Summer of 2012 was exciting with the box office smash hits of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises,  four months to go before the “end of the world” and The Harlem Shake looming in our future.


Third year had started, and my place of study changed from a scrubby, grimey campus on Landsdowne to an academic vibe on Talbot campus. That’s right,  I’m amongst the top dogs now!! Everything looked and felt more intelligent. Such an upgrade. The year began with me attending a long week of induction tasks. It was clear from the beginning what the tasks were for. It was basically created with the soul purpose to make new friends and to help settle into the new campus. I was reluctant. It just seemed like a waste of time to attend, however that’s where fate would prove me wrong. Amongst that class, little did I know, some future friendships laying and waiting.  Ahhhh I ‘am so thankful I went otherwise I would of missed out on meeting new and wonderful people like Lucia and Lorena. We have had some good times in each others company which has made some incredible memories. I wish we went on more nights out together because these girls are seriously too much fun. They are a laugh and a half and I have loved being in their company. I will miss them so much when my time in Bournemouth comes to an end. It’s a shame I didn’t know them during my first two years, however we made every moment count during our time knowing each other.

lucia and lorena

Another twosome I know I will end up missing would be Darryl and Naomi. They are a couple which Annabelle introduce me to and they are such an epic pair. I’ve had such fun going to their flat and playing Dayz until like 2 in the morning. I’ve had memorable nights out with them both… well “memorable” to a certain extent. Courtesy of Darryl, evidence remains of me being in a dumpster on a night out to what was an awesome house party in the middle of the year. Yes I was very drunk. That same night was full of surprises. Poor Annabelle falling down the stairs, and the toilet being thrown up all over. That is a point to be taken literally, it was thrown up all over, the seat, the wall, the surrounding floor, it was grim. Sumerball with them was soooo fun. Even though I didn’t get as drunk as I wanted, I had a super fun day with memories that have become future stories to tell. The best part wasn’t Summerball itself, but the pre-drinks, walk and ride to Summerball. Bless Naomi with her tambourine, proper smacking it against the window of the bus we were on. Close to the end of the year I have grown fond of their company and I can honestly say I will miss having them around to talk to. They have helped me with certain hardships and offered valuable advice which made me cherish their friendship. My only regret is that I wish I could of met them sooner.

darryl naomi

Yes this year was filled with new friendships, but also strengthened old ones. I came to the new campus with old friendships still intact. Honourable mentions include my “love/hate relationship” with fellow Essex raised child Tinu. Now I say love/hate, because we can’t go one day around each others company without one of us insulting the other. Little that she knows, I actually hate her 😉 just kidding… or am I??? Joking aside she has made study sessions in the Talbot library quite fun and eventful. Next come my Bro’s, Aidan and Josh. If there were any two people I shouldn’t work with, it should be these two. So distracting. With them around I manage to cram in probably only 30 mins worth of work over a 6 hour period. During the revision sessions we did together for our exams, I managed to do 2 words over a 2 hour period… I’ am easily influenced by the social aspect of study groups. With that being said they also helped me study my butt off during the last exams I will ever part take in. Plus they made it fun and not boring, which I can never repay them for. These three will be missed.

Around the end of the year I started to spend a little more time with some unique people. Some of them were in their first year and some didn’t even attend Bournemouth University, but did attend the social gatherings. One first year I’ve enjoyed being around is Katie. Katie has such an interesting background and we’ve had countless fun at her place, what with the house parties and bonfires. I’ve also enjoyed the company of Alex. He is such a dude. Nothing ever boring to say. Our conversations are always filled with jokes. Nothing ever structured or relevant. Mr Ali Lyle. I have spent a lot of time in his company over the last 4 weeks whilst he has been on holiday from being a pilot. The dude is TOO funny. It’s a shame that he had to go back. I’ am going to miss his shenanigans.

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I wish I can keep talking about everyone else that has made these last few months of third year amazing. This year has really brought my University experience full circle.  This was just some of the highlights I took part in. To sum up, I can’t thank everyone enough for the fun which I was allowed to be a part of. You will all be missed. Three years of my life has gone by faster than I anticipated. Now that it is here, I don’t want it to end. It astounds me to realise I found it easier to move to Uni, than to move away from Uni. All I can say is thank you for the awesome memories guys 🙂

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