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As I get older I notice a current theme about my life and who comes into it. I usually surround myself with people who could be considered as “abnormal” and even sometimes “crazy”, however these are the people who keep me sane. I don’t know what it is about weird people, but I always find them more comfortable to be around. I’ve been even called weird on numerous occasions. I prefer to be called misunderstood.  Yes even I know I can be a bit strange sometimes, but it is mainly because when you surround yourself with weird people you eventually become one of them. This doesn’t mean we skip down the high street in a diaper singing hymns whilst licking a giant lollipop. We just say or do little things out of the ordinary.

I have even referred a few of my friends as animals, kinda like nicknames to suit their personality, or because they did something to deserve that name.  I have a friend who’s a moose, a friend who’s a bunny and a new friend who recently became a koala. Yep, if you hang around me long enough it won’t be too long before I get comfortable around you and become “bat sh*t crazy”. Being weird, crazy or silly means you like to push the limits on normal behaviour, well I think so anyway. I love people who do this. They make life interesting. I have a hand full of friends who do just this. I love being weird and silly. It’s like being a cartoon. Just like a cartoon I like making faces because I think my face is pretty elastic. Making faces to express your emotion is too awesome.


First weird friend I want to talk about is my room mate Annabelle. Now even though I like to consider her as a weirdo she isn’t as weird as other people I know. She has this amazing ability to make me laugh by really doing nothing at all. I ‘am not the only one who think this. She makes little effort and gets a laugh out of it. I think it’s because it’s the way she does things. Like for example not two weeks ago we’re watching T.V. and she goes into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, or mug which ever you prefer. All of a sudden I hear “YES!” coming from the kitchen. She sounded excited as if she just won something, like a small prize on the lottery. It turns out she just threw her teabag into her mug/cup from the other side of the kitchen and it went in…. as impressive as that is, that can still be classified as weird. I did laugh by the way when she told me. She also has this way of saying things so innocently and pure it is as if a child is saying it. Sometimes, and I’ve even told her this, I want to be in her head for like 1 minute. Just so I know how she thinks. Even though, she is an awesome person to be around and she’s always seems to be on a high. Nothing gets her down, which is kinda weird.


One of the most weirdest people I have ever befriended is Josie. Anyone new, who has just spent 5 minutes with Josie can label her as a weirdo. The first time I met her I accidently mistook her for Annabelle. THEY LOOKED SO MUCH ALIKE. The first time we got them two to stand next to each other we were all freaking out on how similar they looked. I’m probably going to get punched for this because they are both fighters. Ones a black belt and the other is an MMA fighter. None the less Josie and me have had so many weird times together. We tend to freak people out whenever we hang out with our friends. We act the same so much that there was a period where me and her thought we were synced. We would say the odd random thing at the same time. I can possibly say that she is the main reason why I became odd. Although now she reckons I have surpassed her weirdness. I still think we’re on the par. She is also the one I refer to as “MOOSE”. This is because that’s her word. I don’t know why, and I don’t know when she developed this. But since day 1 I have called her a moose, because she keeps saying the word “moose”. We even have conversations about moose’s. The latest one is “would a moose eat a chocolate mouse?” Yeah we’re weird. She is still one of the nicest people you’ll meet and if she’s weird, it means she wants to share… her words not mine.


Kirsty… O my god there too many childish memories with her. Back in college she used to get called retarded on a daily basis. Which is quite ironic because she is one of the most intelligent people I know. She is the one who introduced me to the “Charlie the Unicorn” video. Up to this day, I swear Kirsty could’ve made that video. We were quoting that video so much afterwards. Even doing it to her cousin because ironically his name was Charlie. We must have looked like nutter’s. There are too many fond memories of us being silly together. One of which involved us jumping into a pile of leaves in the back of the college on a cold autumns day when we went out for a walk. Childish, silly, weird? yep we definitely were. The only problem with this story is that she jumped into the leaves first. Flattening the pile so when it was my turn I hit the floor… hard. Come to think it, she’s hurt me physically quite a few times. Another time in college when I had to go to a lesson I hopped over the bench we were sitting on to get there faster. As I was standing on the bench she thought it was a good idea to hold my foot. I fell to put it short. Off the bench and onto the floor. That hurt A LOT. No doubt we had some fun times and no doubt there are more fun times to come. I just hope I don’t get hurt in any of them.


Next weirdo is a family member, Juanna. Me and Juanna are cousins but I like to refer to her just as another younger sister. We’ve lived near each other for years and only in these last couple of years, whilst being a student, have I cherished our relationship as family. When I was younger I wasn’t into family as much as I’am today. I love that we’re only 5 minutes walk away from each other and we can talk about anything. Although in relation to this blog, the weirdness runs in the family. Not too long ago Me, Juanna and some Filipino friends of ours decided to go out for the day and venture into London. Stereotypically as Asians do, the first thing we did was went to Chinatown to eat…Afterwards we went to Trafalgar Square to hang about because it was such a nice day. There, just beside the fountains behind Nelson’s column, was a street entertainer with an amp. I can’t really remember what song he was singing, but right off the bat me and my cousin start dancing…. and it wasn’t cool dancing if you were wondering. We just started swaying side to side and towards each other. I didn’t even think to look around to see if we were getting looks because I was to busy laughing.  Yep our family is definitely weird. And that’s just me and my cousin….


My bunny rabbit, Joanne. Now don’t let her size fool you, she maybe small and tiny, but her personality and her weird scale can be huge. I’ve only known her for little under year, but we’ve grown close. She refers to me as her “Kuya” (Filipino word for older brother) which is already sweet enough as it is. She’s so cute, tiny and sweet, but boy can she be strange. A couple of months ago we were having a conversation on Facebook, and right in the middle of the conversation she types in bold the word, POTATO. I don’t know why… but she did, and I don’t know why, but I laughed. When I came through the laughter and asked her why she said that she replied with “because it’s funny, doing it in a German accent”….. I didn’t even know what to say. All I did was laugh some more. Now that I’m back at university for this term I don’t see her as much any more which is quite annoying. However I know whenever I need to talk, this weirdo will always be there… unless she’s ignoring me (which is all the time).


Last but not least is my newest weirdo to the collection… Lucia. I’ve only known her for a couple of months but boy has she made an impact on me. She has this way with words, and what I mean by that is she can make weird ass sentences that no one can think of, and make it seem fine to say it out loud. She has made me laugh so much already that I’ve managed to tone my stomach with all the laughter. I now like to refer to her as a koala bear, but not because she’s cute, it’s because of a picture she sent me of her climbing a lamp post. Most people would just pose in a picture in front of the Arc de Triomphe and probably stick a thumbs up or a peace sign. Not her, she finds a lamp post, climbs it and hugs it for her picture. It’s a little strange of how weird and outgoing she can be but I can’t help but adore her and laugh. As she puts it, she’s unique. I just call her weird. Some of the things she says still catch me off guard and I end up laughing like a crazy person. For example, just before Christmas I organised a dinner out with a few friends before we all went home to see our families for the holidays. The day before the dinner she says to me, and I quote, ” if I won’t be able to move after cause I am too full and heavy….you have to roll me home”…. This is just pure comedy in writing. Weird, but funny.

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Yep I love my weird friends. They keep me entertained, and above all else they keep me sane even though we’re all insane. That is the impact of weirdo’s 🙂