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Now come the meat and the potatoes. Third year… and without a doubt the funniest, best and memorable year I have spent in education. I can’t even begin to gather words to express the amount of fun I have had during this academic year. Before third year, even though I have learnt a lot about myself and experienced a lot of things, I still didn’t really feel like I was having as much fun as I thought I should. These emotions are expressed in the first two posts I wrote about university. So, I didn’t really have any expectations for things to improve in my last and final year of study. Man was I wrong. So many things happened this year so far, it’s hard to pin point my favourite part. I have met a few new characters on the last year of my course which has made going into uni better than ever. I have also met a cool bunch of people from Annabelle’s course (or “IMPS” as Annabelle would say). As well as a few freshers which made nights out, like the one shown below, memorable.


It’s hard to find a place to start so I’ll do the obvious thing and start at the beginning. Summer of 2012 was exciting with the box office smash hits of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises,  four months to go before the “end of the world” and The Harlem Shake looming in our future.


Third year had started, and my place of study changed from a scrubby, grimey campus on Landsdowne to an academic vibe on Talbot campus. That’s right,  I’m amongst the top dogs now!! Everything looked and felt more intelligent. Such an upgrade. The year began with me attending a long week of induction tasks. It was clear from the beginning what the tasks were for. It was basically created with the soul purpose to make new friends and to help settle into the new campus. I was reluctant. It just seemed like a waste of time to attend, however that’s where fate would prove me wrong. Amongst that class, little did I know, some future friendships laying and waiting.  Ahhhh I ‘am so thankful I went otherwise I would of missed out on meeting new and wonderful people like Lucia and Lorena. We have had some good times in each others company which has made some incredible memories. I wish we went on more nights out together because these girls are seriously too much fun. They are a laugh and a half and I have loved being in their company. I will miss them so much when my time in Bournemouth comes to an end. It’s a shame I didn’t know them during my first two years, however we made every moment count during our time knowing each other.

lucia and lorena

Another twosome I know I will end up missing would be Darryl and Naomi. They are a couple which Annabelle introduce me to and they are such an epic pair. I’ve had such fun going to their flat and playing Dayz until like 2 in the morning. I’ve had memorable nights out with them both… well “memorable” to a certain extent. Courtesy of Darryl, evidence remains of me being in a dumpster on a night out to what was an awesome house party in the middle of the year. Yes I was very drunk. That same night was full of surprises. Poor Annabelle falling down the stairs, and the toilet being thrown up all over. That is a point to be taken literally, it was thrown up all over, the seat, the wall, the surrounding floor, it was grim. Sumerball with them was soooo fun. Even though I didn’t get as drunk as I wanted, I had a super fun day with memories that have become future stories to tell. The best part wasn’t Summerball itself, but the pre-drinks, walk and ride to Summerball. Bless Naomi with her tambourine, proper smacking it against the window of the bus we were on. Close to the end of the year I have grown fond of their company and I can honestly say I will miss having them around to talk to. They have helped me with certain hardships and offered valuable advice which made me cherish their friendship. My only regret is that I wish I could of met them sooner.

darryl naomi

Yes this year was filled with new friendships, but also strengthened old ones. I came to the new campus with old friendships still intact. Honourable mentions include my “love/hate relationship” with fellow Essex raised child Tinu. Now I say love/hate, because we can’t go one day around each others company without one of us insulting the other. Little that she knows, I actually hate her 😉 just kidding… or am I??? Joking aside she has made study sessions in the Talbot library quite fun and eventful. Next come my Bro’s, Aidan and Josh. If there were any two people I shouldn’t work with, it should be these two. So distracting. With them around I manage to cram in probably only 30 mins worth of work over a 6 hour period. During the revision sessions we did together for our exams, I managed to do 2 words over a 2 hour period… I’ am easily influenced by the social aspect of study groups. With that being said they also helped me study my butt off during the last exams I will ever part take in. Plus they made it fun and not boring, which I can never repay them for. These three will be missed.

Around the end of the year I started to spend a little more time with some unique people. Some of them were in their first year and some didn’t even attend Bournemouth University, but did attend the social gatherings. One first year I’ve enjoyed being around is Katie. Katie has such an interesting background and we’ve had countless fun at her place, what with the house parties and bonfires. I’ve also enjoyed the company of Alex. He is such a dude. Nothing ever boring to say. Our conversations are always filled with jokes. Nothing ever structured or relevant. Mr Ali Lyle. I have spent a lot of time in his company over the last 4 weeks whilst he has been on holiday from being a pilot. The dude is TOO funny. It’s a shame that he had to go back. I’ am going to miss his shenanigans.

954867_10201292329900921_1369826855_n  1017242_10201331337476086_822500980_n

I wish I can keep talking about everyone else that has made these last few months of third year amazing. This year has really brought my University experience full circle.  This was just some of the highlights I took part in. To sum up, I can’t thank everyone enough for the fun which I was allowed to be a part of. You will all be missed. Three years of my life has gone by faster than I anticipated. Now that it is here, I don’t want it to end. It astounds me to realise I found it easier to move to Uni, than to move away from Uni. All I can say is thank you for the awesome memories guys 🙂

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Looking back on second year there was so much of a difference between it and the first year. When second year started we were fresh off the London riots, Harry potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 was just released, and Psy was about one year away from exploding into our lives with Gangnam style…. literally.


I felt a little less alone because I already had gotten used to being independent through first year. I also have Annabelle to thank for it. Having a small piece from home made Uni life a little more bearable. I still was trying to find myself during the course of second year. I felt a little more comfortable with my new surroundings, but still felt like I didn’t belong there. It was all very confusing to think about. To talk about second year in a nut shell, would be for me to say that I kind of kept to myself a bit. I made friends on my course and they were all very nice people. Some I’m still friends with today. I just couldn’t find my place in this new life. It’s really upsetting thinking about it now, because I see now that not how I should have acted or felt. Second year did feel a little shorter than first, but it was still filled some weird and funny laughs.

I’m trying very hard to think of highlights which don’t concern Annabelle, my house mate, but I can’t. Too many fun times in this house, we live in right now, made second year a good time. Let’s start with the random surprise visitor we got at the beginning of the year. There I was a trying to settle in our new home. I had left the door open in the kitchen because we had a strange heat wave during that September. I went into the living room to sit and watch T.V. and at the corner of my eye I spotted something ginger dashing by and entering the corridor… I went to see what the hell it was and it turned out to be a ginger cat just letting itself in wondering the house. I had to call Annabelle out of her room to see because I was stunned that a cat just wondered into my room. I’ll give the cat credit, you fearless mofo. I’m used to cats just getting timid and running for the hills, but this cat just walked in like a boss, probably saying to itself “yeah?? and??” Annabelle feed it ham and it went on its way. We saw that cat a few times more when we opened the back door. Giving us the eyes for more food. Fearless mofo ginger cat.

ginger cat meme

Another fun surprise was Annabelle coming home on her nights out. Especially the ones which I was awake for. One in particular I had filmed so she knew exactly what she did the next morning mwahahaha. Aren’t I a good friend? I still have that video on Facebook entitled “Annabelle + booze = this “. The footage consisted of her telling me how awesome her night was and how she couldn’t get into lollipop. She said that several times. I made her eat bread to sober her up but it didn’t work. She ended up slapping herself in the face because she said her face was numb. Ahhh Annabelle. You strange soul.


At the end of the year we had our friends, Toni and Hayden, come and pay us a visit. The few days they were here was eventful. We finally got to go on the Bournemouth hot air balloon in the town square. Not going to lie, heights aren’t my thing. Neither was Toni’s. I tried to get out of it by allowing the almighty coin app on Annabelle’s phone to decide my fate. It didn’t work. Little did I know however I would enjoy it. It was an amazing experience being lifted to that height and seeing Bournemouth from above.


We also headed to the beach for a little handsome BBQ. It started off as a fail. It took me and my friend Hayden like 20 mins to get a fire started because the gust of winds which kept blowing out the matches. Toni and me also thought that it would be a great idea to touch the sand where the BBQ’s was placed. Not a good idea. We burnt ourselves. All in all it was a good and chilled outing, which is how I would describe my second year to a certain extent.

bournemouth beach

Second year came to a quick end just like first year. It was a little less stressful emotionally, however trying to get the right grade to get into the third year made up for that. I can’t really say I learnt a lot because to be fair I didn’t. By the end I was still keeping to myself and still trying to be comfortable with being a student in a relatively new environment. You would of thought by now I would of become comfortable, but truthfully I wasn’t. I don’t know what it was. I can’t even tell you now, I feel silly that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. The year wasn’t a disappointment, because I gave it no expectation. I just didn’t feel like I fitted in anywhere. Weird… However there was no denying on how fast second year went by. It seriously went by with extreme speed. What I took away from it was that I’ am a really shy person, and I’ am uncomfortable with change, I really am… If you have read this post up to now and the one before it, don’t feel too sorry for me, because third year changed my entire out look on university life. It really has been the bees knees…

I can’t believe it was three years ago that I started an incredible journey here in Bournemouth. I have met too many wonderful people I’m oblivious to how much time I’ve actually got left. Embarking on this part of my life has taught me so many new things; I have made so many strong bonds and made some existing bonds stronger. I can honestly say that this last academic year has been the best thus far. Although I’ve had the time of my life here it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows to begin with.


With time, come new experiences and memories. Boy have I experienced a lot , and made memories since moving out here in 2010. At first I was extremely excited finally getting out on my own and living an independent life relying on my own choices. I couldn’t wait to get away and live my own life in a new town. It was like having a fresh new start. I remember the summer before hand, “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars was released, Call of Duty: Black Ops was being promoted and Glee was just starting its 2nd season. My gosh, that stuff doesn’t seem that long ago.

The beginning of first year was fun for most part. Until it started to dawn on me that I’m actually missing home. Such a massive culture shock, to say the least. The most annoying things I hated about home was suddenly the stuff I missed the most. Family yelling, dogs randomly barking at night and stereo typical Filipino behaviour. It almost made me break down a couple of times knowing that I’ am starting something completely on my own. My chosen course was fine to say the least. I didn’t really have expectations of it. The work load was tolerable. However, the level of standard was a surprise. I had to learn very quickly that they expected higher quality of work, and this is no joke.

Even though I was feeling down from being away from home, that didn’t stop first year from being filled with major events. One that sticks out most is also the worst thing that’s happened during my time in uni. It was the day I had an accident on my bike. To put it short I fell off my bike and landed weirdly on my ankle. It was painful. My shoe flew off my foot and got ran over by an M1(bus service). Wasn’t happy. To make matters worse it happened in an overly crowded public area, in the town square of Bournemouth, at the bus station. So not only was I in a lot of pain and embarrassed about my shoe, but also had hundreds of people watching me. The only person that helped me was a bus manager conducting the traffic. She phoned an ambulance because within 2 mins my ankle became massively swollen like an apple and was so painful to walk on. This wasn’t a good day. I had to leave my bike in town as I was driven to the hospital. After getting there and having my foot scanned they told me all I had was a sprained ankle. -_- it took them 6 hours to tell me this. When it was done I had no way of getting home because I had no money for a cab or bus. I had to get one of my best friends to come meet me somewhere in Boscombe to help me back to hers at 1 am. Worst day ever. On the plus side I’ve still got the crutches still hidden in my loft at home.


That best friend eventually became my house mate and still is to this date. I remember house hunting with her in February 2011 and immediately liking the house we still live in today. First we had a look at the upstairs apartment and it was too good. However we didn’t go for that one because it was upstairs, we came to the conclusion of no taking it because we were too lazy to walk up and down the stairs everyday… we thought about it long and hard ;). We decided to have a look at the downstairs apartment and it was divine. The picture beneath is a image I stole from Google of the house. It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but you know what they say, “it’s what’s inside that counts”. It really is a good little flat. Roughly around the same time I was experiencing some personal issues which she helped me through. I can’t thank her enough for that.

house gerald road

This phase in my life also made university a little bit harder to cope with. To help me get my mind off of these issues I decided to learn guitar. I was always interested in playing an instrument from a young age and was always attracted to the guitar. I just think it, and still do, looks so cool. Since then I have been on and off on playing it. If I kept playing it from first year I would be probably be as good as my younger cousin. She could probably be a teacher. Yep first year was full of surprises.


One of which took place on a bus sometime in March 2011. My day in uni had just ended so I was typically heading home. The bus was pretty packed out so I headed to the back for a seat. As I sat down the lad behind gave me an evil look. I thought nothing of it but boy was i in for a surprise. Out of no where he threw my hat across the bus….. I was shocked. I asked him “what the hell was that” and he replied with “take that hat off!!”….. are you kidding me??? I didn’t ask for your approval on my clothing mate. As  matter of fact you don’t see me getting offended by the chavvy tracksuit crap your wearing. The argument escalated to me being ganged up on and being racially insulted in front of an audience packing out this bus. One little old lady tried sticking up for me but got told to “SHUT THE F*CK UP and mind your own business” by one of the lads…. real classy dude. Any ways, it ended with the bus driver kicking them off. That was by far one of the most “interesting” things that have happened to me whilst being a student here.


To end first year on a good note, the day I moved back to Essex at the end of the term was the day I got Jen…. My first car :’). Looked exactly like the one underneath except it had the word NISSAN plastered across the front window. You can tell my dad got it somewhere in Essex. Such a chavvy accessory. If I wasn’t short I wouldn’t be able to drive that car because I would have had a massive N blinding my sight. Never the less I loved that I finally had a set of wheels to hit the road. First year had a lot of good and bad to say the least.

nissan jen

To sum it up, my first year at Bournemouth University wasn’t what I expected. However, as humans we sometimes give ourselves expectations that reality can’t deliver. Yes I had fun, but I still felt out of place. I felt a bit alone. I think it was because I still needed to grow up a bit more and I wasn’t as independent and mature as I thought I was. It finally made me appreciate the value of family. Before moving out I wasn’t as connected to my familia as I’ am now. I can truly say the absence of them was a real impact on my emotional and mental attitude towards family and it’s importance. First year also taught me I was still learning as a person. Even though it was tough to get used to, I did it, and it went by so quickly. Also, I have learnt that life has it’s surprises, good and bad. We just have to enjoy the good ones, and learn from the bad ones. Second year was no different. However I think it went faster….

As I get older I notice a current theme about my life and who comes into it. I usually surround myself with people who could be considered as “abnormal” and even sometimes “crazy”, however these are the people who keep me sane. I don’t know what it is about weird people, but I always find them more comfortable to be around. I’ve been even called weird on numerous occasions. I prefer to be called misunderstood.  Yes even I know I can be a bit strange sometimes, but it is mainly because when you surround yourself with weird people you eventually become one of them. This doesn’t mean we skip down the high street in a diaper singing hymns whilst licking a giant lollipop. We just say or do little things out of the ordinary.

I have even referred a few of my friends as animals, kinda like nicknames to suit their personality, or because they did something to deserve that name.  I have a friend who’s a moose, a friend who’s a bunny and a new friend who recently became a koala. Yep, if you hang around me long enough it won’t be too long before I get comfortable around you and become “bat sh*t crazy”. Being weird, crazy or silly means you like to push the limits on normal behaviour, well I think so anyway. I love people who do this. They make life interesting. I have a hand full of friends who do just this. I love being weird and silly. It’s like being a cartoon. Just like a cartoon I like making faces because I think my face is pretty elastic. Making faces to express your emotion is too awesome.


First weird friend I want to talk about is my room mate Annabelle. Now even though I like to consider her as a weirdo she isn’t as weird as other people I know. She has this amazing ability to make me laugh by really doing nothing at all. I ‘am not the only one who think this. She makes little effort and gets a laugh out of it. I think it’s because it’s the way she does things. Like for example not two weeks ago we’re watching T.V. and she goes into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, or mug which ever you prefer. All of a sudden I hear “YES!” coming from the kitchen. She sounded excited as if she just won something, like a small prize on the lottery. It turns out she just threw her teabag into her mug/cup from the other side of the kitchen and it went in…. as impressive as that is, that can still be classified as weird. I did laugh by the way when she told me. She also has this way of saying things so innocently and pure it is as if a child is saying it. Sometimes, and I’ve even told her this, I want to be in her head for like 1 minute. Just so I know how she thinks. Even though, she is an awesome person to be around and she’s always seems to be on a high. Nothing gets her down, which is kinda weird.


One of the most weirdest people I have ever befriended is Josie. Anyone new, who has just spent 5 minutes with Josie can label her as a weirdo. The first time I met her I accidently mistook her for Annabelle. THEY LOOKED SO MUCH ALIKE. The first time we got them two to stand next to each other we were all freaking out on how similar they looked. I’m probably going to get punched for this because they are both fighters. Ones a black belt and the other is an MMA fighter. None the less Josie and me have had so many weird times together. We tend to freak people out whenever we hang out with our friends. We act the same so much that there was a period where me and her thought we were synced. We would say the odd random thing at the same time. I can possibly say that she is the main reason why I became odd. Although now she reckons I have surpassed her weirdness. I still think we’re on the par. She is also the one I refer to as “MOOSE”. This is because that’s her word. I don’t know why, and I don’t know when she developed this. But since day 1 I have called her a moose, because she keeps saying the word “moose”. We even have conversations about moose’s. The latest one is “would a moose eat a chocolate mouse?” Yeah we’re weird. She is still one of the nicest people you’ll meet and if she’s weird, it means she wants to share… her words not mine.


Kirsty… O my god there too many childish memories with her. Back in college she used to get called retarded on a daily basis. Which is quite ironic because she is one of the most intelligent people I know. She is the one who introduced me to the “Charlie the Unicorn” video. Up to this day, I swear Kirsty could’ve made that video. We were quoting that video so much afterwards. Even doing it to her cousin because ironically his name was Charlie. We must have looked like nutter’s. There are too many fond memories of us being silly together. One of which involved us jumping into a pile of leaves in the back of the college on a cold autumns day when we went out for a walk. Childish, silly, weird? yep we definitely were. The only problem with this story is that she jumped into the leaves first. Flattening the pile so when it was my turn I hit the floor… hard. Come to think it, she’s hurt me physically quite a few times. Another time in college when I had to go to a lesson I hopped over the bench we were sitting on to get there faster. As I was standing on the bench she thought it was a good idea to hold my foot. I fell to put it short. Off the bench and onto the floor. That hurt A LOT. No doubt we had some fun times and no doubt there are more fun times to come. I just hope I don’t get hurt in any of them.


Next weirdo is a family member, Juanna. Me and Juanna are cousins but I like to refer to her just as another younger sister. We’ve lived near each other for years and only in these last couple of years, whilst being a student, have I cherished our relationship as family. When I was younger I wasn’t into family as much as I’am today. I love that we’re only 5 minutes walk away from each other and we can talk about anything. Although in relation to this blog, the weirdness runs in the family. Not too long ago Me, Juanna and some Filipino friends of ours decided to go out for the day and venture into London. Stereotypically as Asians do, the first thing we did was went to Chinatown to eat…Afterwards we went to Trafalgar Square to hang about because it was such a nice day. There, just beside the fountains behind Nelson’s column, was a street entertainer with an amp. I can’t really remember what song he was singing, but right off the bat me and my cousin start dancing…. and it wasn’t cool dancing if you were wondering. We just started swaying side to side and towards each other. I didn’t even think to look around to see if we were getting looks because I was to busy laughing.  Yep our family is definitely weird. And that’s just me and my cousin….


My bunny rabbit, Joanne. Now don’t let her size fool you, she maybe small and tiny, but her personality and her weird scale can be huge. I’ve only known her for little under year, but we’ve grown close. She refers to me as her “Kuya” (Filipino word for older brother) which is already sweet enough as it is. She’s so cute, tiny and sweet, but boy can she be strange. A couple of months ago we were having a conversation on Facebook, and right in the middle of the conversation she types in bold the word, POTATO. I don’t know why… but she did, and I don’t know why, but I laughed. When I came through the laughter and asked her why she said that she replied with “because it’s funny, doing it in a German accent”….. I didn’t even know what to say. All I did was laugh some more. Now that I’m back at university for this term I don’t see her as much any more which is quite annoying. However I know whenever I need to talk, this weirdo will always be there… unless she’s ignoring me (which is all the time).


Last but not least is my newest weirdo to the collection… Lucia. I’ve only known her for a couple of months but boy has she made an impact on me. She has this way with words, and what I mean by that is she can make weird ass sentences that no one can think of, and make it seem fine to say it out loud. She has made me laugh so much already that I’ve managed to tone my stomach with all the laughter. I now like to refer to her as a koala bear, but not because she’s cute, it’s because of a picture she sent me of her climbing a lamp post. Most people would just pose in a picture in front of the Arc de Triomphe and probably stick a thumbs up or a peace sign. Not her, she finds a lamp post, climbs it and hugs it for her picture. It’s a little strange of how weird and outgoing she can be but I can’t help but adore her and laugh. As she puts it, she’s unique. I just call her weird. Some of the things she says still catch me off guard and I end up laughing like a crazy person. For example, just before Christmas I organised a dinner out with a few friends before we all went home to see our families for the holidays. The day before the dinner she says to me, and I quote, ” if I won’t be able to move after cause I am too full and heavy….you have to roll me home”…. This is just pure comedy in writing. Weird, but funny.

77037_4564590185088_2090158181_n (2)

Yep I love my weird friends. They keep me entertained, and above all else they keep me sane even though we’re all insane. That is the impact of weirdo’s 🙂