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On the 28th of August I was employed by a direct marketing company called LGB Direct. In professional terms it was a customer acquisition company. An easier way to describe it was B2C marketing. The concept was easy, basically sell a product to people. There were 3 different ways that the company was doing this and they were Business to business, events (shopping centres) and residential. I was doing residential sales. Knocking on doors to put it blunt. To some people, this kind of work isn’t exciting. It wasn’t. The amount of negativity you have to endure is overwhelming. I’m already an emotional guy. So this was extremely challenging for me. Being able to take No after No after No takes some skill. I know it doesn’t when you write it on paper but it really does take it out of you. When you’re on your own the amount of ranting you do because the last person you talked to was a negative human being is astounding. It doesn’t matter what the weather is too. These guys are still knocking on doors trying fulfil their goals because they work on commission. If they don’t put in the effort, no one buys, then they don’t get paid. It’s crazy, I’ve seen people bust their butts in the rain and still go home with nothing. Not only that they’re being sworn at as well.


I will never forget the day when someone told me “Don’t knock on my door like that again, or I’ll you out”…. I’m representing a charity…. why would you do that?? haha. What kind of low class scumbag, would bring physical harm to someone for collecting donations. On top of that it was raining on that day. Needless to say I’ve quit that part of my life because I couldn’t reach the standard to survive in the Battlefield of Sales. My mentality wasn’t at the peak to be consistently positive to do that line of work. I just wanted to say, if you’re reading this and you’ve had people knock on your door, listen to what they are there for. You never know you might want what they are selling. Also be direct with them. Even if they’re charities, just say “Yes” or “No”. Nothing was more annoying then someone giving me so many excuses to why they didn’t want to donate. I know people don’t want to say no to a charity but nothing is more precious than time. So don’t waste it if you’re not going to donate and you know it. I mean what is worse, saying “no” to a charity, or lying to one because you don’t want to help. If you’r not interested just say it. They’re not going to judge you, they’re there to do a job and that is to find people who want to say yes. So don’t waste there time, and more importantly don’t waste yours.